Some of the services we offer...

Our day to day work varies a great deal, however we aim to meet any of our clients needs with up to date treatments, procedures and equipment, in order to provide the best possible care for your pets, and improving with the standards set in Veterinary Medicine. Below are just some of the more routine aspects of our job, but if there is anything you cannot see, or would like to find out more about, please contact us.

Veterinary Consultations

During our consultations the aim is to give your pet the very best care possible, while making sure you are fully aware of what is happening.

Whilst it's always best to book in advance, we appreciate this isn't always possible, and will always do our best to ensure that you're seen as early as possible if needed. 


Both the Lydney and Tidenham practices have operating theatres, and preparation rooms. We perform routine procedures such as neutering, lump removals, stitch ups and dental procedures at both of these surgeries. Our anaesthetic machines are maintained to a high standard and we use the most up to date anaesthetic drugs. A nurse monitors the anaesthetic throughout the procedure for your pet's safety.

At Lydney we have more specialised surgical equipment, and so any larger surgical cases are usually seen there

Emergency Care 

Whenever possible, we aim to provide our own Vets for our out of hours service. On any nights where this isn't possible, we have arranged for our calls to go to the Small Animal Hospital in Quedgeley. Should you have an emergency, simply call the Lydney telephone number (01594 842 185), and you will be forwarded to the duty Vet. Click here for more information.

Weight Clinics

If your pet is struggling to shift that extra christmas weight, feel free to contact us for information n the best food for them, and our weight clinics with a Nurse. 


Should your pet need further tests to determine the problem, the Lydney surgery is well equipped for it, with Radiography, Ultrasound, Endoscopy and ECG machines all available.

We are able to perform basic lab tests on samples in-house, and if more detailed tests are required, then they are sent to an independent lab, where state of the art machinery and qualified technicians provide a wide range of accurate and reliable results. The results are returned to us, usually within 24 hours, for our Vets to analyse.


Edward, one of our most experienced Vets, has a keen interest in homeopathy, and offers special consultations on the days that he's with us. Offering the classical homeopathic approach, this may provide an alternative treatment for your animal, should you want it.

Pet Passports

Many of our vets have the qualification allowing them to complete the proceedures required for both pet passports and exports. If you are interested in either of these services please do not hesitate to contact us and we can advise you what proceedures are required.

Puppy Parties

If you have a new family member, who wants to socialise, and make some friends in the area, please contact us for information on our next party, held with a nurse, and designed to help your puppy integrate with other dogs, and answer any questions you may have regarding them!

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