Payment and Insurance...

Fee structure

We regret that we are not able to offer credit for Veterinary Fees. Please settle when collecting your pet or at the time of treatment. We accept cash, cheques, and major credit cards. We appreciate that Vets bills can be high, but this is reflected in our own costs, and so we do require payment at the time.

Pet Insurance for peace of mind

At this point we would like to bring Pet Insurance to your attention. For a fraction of the feeding costs of your pet per week you can now insure him or her against sometimes-high costs of a prolonged course of treatment for an unexpected illness or accident, or even death. When your Pet is insured, with the obvious exceptions of vaccination and other elective routine procedures such as neutering, your veterinary bill will never exceed the individual insurer’s excess that you have to pay towards any treatment.

Ideally, insurance should be taken out early in your pet’s life. However, even if he is actually undergoing treatment, insurance can still be taken out. Naturally the current condition will not be covered, but you do not have to wait until your animal is better before doing this. It is our experience that few pet owners realise this.

We must emphasise that we are not involved in selling insurance. Our endeavour is to provide the best possible standard of care. Realistically, however, we appreciate that this can be expensive, and it can be very traumatic when a pet’s health or sometimes life is compromised by financial considerations. We therefore believe that pet insurance makes very good sense indeed.

We would suggest you take care in two particular areas with pet insurance. Firstly, as with any insurance policy, read the small print. Especially avoid policies that have a time limit for payment for any one condition. If your pet needs long term medication and the insurance stops paying after a year, you may still end up with a big bill. Many of the cheaper supermarket insurance policies are in this category. Also avoid policies that charge percentage excess instead of a fixed amount. Secondly, make sure you are only paying for cover that you actually want. Many policies will offer all sorts of extras, such as holiday cancellation cover, which is fine if you need it, but all adds to the cost.

When making an insurance claim we are happy for the payment to come directly to us. The excess must be paid when you provide us with your claim form. If payments are to be sent to the policy holder, we will send the claim form on your behalf once the bill has been settled in full. Insurance queries should be adressed to Caroline Turner-Russell or Sue Adams, who do the paperwork for claim forms - all you need to do is sign it! This is a service we provide free of charge.