Severnside Veterinary Group Repeat Prescription Policy

Most of the medicines that are prescribed for your pets are ‘Prescription Only Medication, Veterinary’ or ‘POM-V’ and as such need to be dispensed by a Veterinary Surgeon for ‘an animal under their care’. This means the vet is making both legal and ethical obligations for the correct use of these medicines.

We ask that you give us some notice when ordering repeat prescriptions. This allows us time to check your pet’s clinical records and to dispense the prescription. Orders placed before 12pm are usually ready to be collected after 4pm the same day, Monday to Friday. In some cases we may require a little more notice for example collections from branch surgeries or for medications that we do not keep in stock and need to be ordered.


Our practice policy is to dispense one months worth of medication at a time to ensure that we can keep in regular contact with you regarding your pets health and medication.


Regular Drug Checks and Repeat Examination Policy

For all medications your animal needs to be assessed by one of the vets at least every 6 months, although sometimes more often if they are on a new medication. This is to ensure your pet is not suffering from any side-effects and that the medication is still appropriate. It also allows us to weigh your pet to check the dose is still correct. It is also a legal requirement for ourselves to show that your pet is still under our care.

The exception to this rule is preventive treatment for fleas and worms. Although these are still prescription medications we only need to have examined your pet within the last 12 months to dispense them.

Practice Policy for Written Prescriptions

Written prescriptions take up as much of the vets time as dispensing medications as they still need to check your pet’s clinical history before writing the prescription. Therefore there is a charge for each prescription that the vet has to write. An individual prescription will be required and charged for each separate medication and/or pet.

As with all repeat prescriptions, written prescriptions will be for one month of medication at a time.

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